Born in New Orleans, Nov. 9, 1899 First trip to Paris, France (1902-1906) 1906 Moved to L.A, S.F., and then L.A. to 3528 W. Adams Blvd. 1813-14 Travel in Europe with her mother High School at the Sacred Heart Convent in Menlo Park In the 1920s Studied with Yvette Guilbert in NYC and in Paris Befriended Ramos Martinez, a Mexican artist in Los Angeles Studied stone sculpture with Carlos Bracchio, in Mexico… Read More

                                 An exciting phase of my life began in May 1982 when I went to a conference on “Love and Philosophy in the Italian Renaissance” which took place in Naples. There I met the woman who was to be the great love of my life–Giuliana Mariniello.  She was a gorgeous dark-eyed Italian beauty, a Prof of English Literature specialized in… Read More

After graduating from Webb in 1954. I choose to attend Duke, a Southern university, because I wanted to become a writer and was inspired by Southern writers such as Carson McCullers, William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, and Thomas Wolfe. I planned to major in English, but I found my English teachers too pedantic and pickey. Their red pencil marks covered my essays. They did not seem to realize what a great writer I… Read More