After being hidden away in a cabin in the desert for my first two years, I was adopted by my own mother, though I never knew she was my mother when I was a child. I was simply told that I had been adopted. I grew up in a large house on Canyon Drive, in the Hollywood foothills, near Griffith Park and not far from Hollywood and Vine. I loved to hike… Read More

My maternal grandfather, Lucien Napoleon Brunswig (1854-1943) was born in Montmedy, in Alsace in the Northeast of France, in 1854, and was educated at the  College of Etain.  Apparently the teenage Lucien was confident that his future lay in the United States for he came to the New World with his parents by ship to New York in 1871 after France‚Äôs defeat in the Franco-Prussian War on a one-way ticket.  Although he… Read More

Born in New Orleans, Nov. 9, 1899 First trip to Paris, France (1902-1906) 1906 Moved to L.A, S.F., and then L.A. to 3528 W. Adams Blvd. 1813-14 Travel in Europe with her mother High School at the Sacred Heart Convent in Menlo Park In the 1920s Studied with Yvette Guilbert in NYC and in Paris Befriended Ramos Martinez, a Mexican artist in Los Angeles Studied stone sculpture with Carlos Bracchio, in Mexico… Read More

What are Radical Faeries? The radical faeries movement  emerged in the late 1970s, inspired by the thinking of several leaders in the gay consciousness movement including JUNGIAN psychologist Mitch Walker, philosopher Arthur Evans, and gay  rights pioneer Harry Hay. The faeries of the 1970s reclaimed the traditionally  pejorative name FAIRY in order to identify with the gender variant sacred outsider that has appeared and reappeared in many cultures throughout human history . Informed… Read More