That summer (1973) we  took off from London headed for the continent in search of Jung and fun. We went by train from London to Paris and then to Lugano. From there I wrote “Am here in Lugano again—feeling very much at home—staying in a beautiful villa overlooking Lago di Lugano and enjoying Castalia (the Jung –Hesse conference). Among the guests here I have particularly enjoyed Rabbi Herbert Wiener, whose book 9… Read More

Beginning in 1933, after the advent of the Third Reich in neighboring Germany, in Switzerland, on the shores of Lago Maggiore, on the Swiss-Italian border, an annual meeting began to take place for two weeks every year in August. There the war-widow Frau Olga Froebe-Kapteyn created what she hoped would become a permanent free space for the human spirit [Geist], a meeting place between East and West, and a Round Table [consciously… Read More