I am a Copywriting Content Consultant and a Marketing and Direct Response Consultant. My favorite activities are writing sparkling Case Studies  I also perform Website evaluations and  write persuasive email sales letters, and coming from my lifelong experience in the Health and Wellness field.

About My professional background

My first career was being Historian, specializing in American and in Modern European History.

My second career was being Sociologist   with a specialization in Social Movements          and in Deviant Behavior. 

My third career was being a Psychologist

That only became possible after I completed my studies in Analytical and Archetypal Psychology at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich and returned to Berkeley where I earned a Ph.D. in Psychology, with a specialization in Adult Development Aging.

My fourth career (now) is Copywriting for which I have trained for by finishing a copywriting course and a Case Study Writing Master Class with a Certification from the American Writers and Artists Institute AWAI.

My Niche

Alternative (formerly Holistic) Health and Wellness Companies 

On my website I want to mention my unique relation to the health products business—I am the oldest  living descendant of my grandfather,  Lucien Napoleon Brunswig,  who established his Brunswig Drug Company in San Diego as a West Coat branch of his thriving New Orleans wholesale drug business in 1900. One of the California “branches” of the Brunswig Drug Company soon grew larger than its source and became the headquarters of what soon became one the largest drug companies in the USA.

Today the Bergen Brunswig Corporation—consisting of two subsidiaries, Bergen Brunswig Drug Company, a wholesale drug distribution firm, and Commtron, which warehouses and distributes home videos and electronic products—is one of the fastest growing corporations in the United States.  Over the past decade, the corporation’s sales have increased sevenfold.

Bergen Brunswig is the second largest pharmaceutical wholesaler nationwide, and since its incorporation in 1969, it has been on the leading edge of techno-logical advances in accounting and marketing. It is the largest distributor of Pharmaceuticals and health aids to hospitals in the United States From: https://www.encyclopedia.com/

I write Case Studies and marketing materials that are convincing and that inspire confidence  in the hearts of business prospects.

Deciding among several seemingly similar  alternatives can be very difficult and time-consuming. One wishes he could actually see a final case study featuring one of his customers. On this website we offer you the next best thing— examples of  several finished case studies to give you a good idea of what you’ll be getting for your comparatively small expense of  $1500 all inclusive per finished study. 

Now after reading one or two of our sparkling sample case studies please close your eyes and visualize or imagine your own true success story in print and online , featuring your own customer as the story’s protagonist (hero) proclaiming loudly and clearly how very satisfied he is  with the solution you & your organization provided for him.

I will show how you and your company enabled him to solve his problems, and get relief from the pains getting him down until you came along.  I will show that it was your skills and products and his actions that made him into the victorious hero of his life story, proving that it was you who served as his wise, experienced, and helpful Mentor and Guide.

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