Branching Points in Marguerite Staude’s Life

Born in New Orleans, Nov. 9, 1899
First trip to Paris, France (1902-1906)
1906 Moved to L.A, S.F., and then L.A. to 3528 W. Adams Blvd.
1813-14 Travel in Europe with her mother
High School at the Sacred Heart Convent in Menlo Park
In the 1920s Studied with Yvette Guilbert in NYC and in Paris
Befriended Ramos Martinez, a Mexican artist in Los Angeles
Studied stone sculpture with Carlos Bracchio, in Mexico City (1932)
Met and fell in love with a fellow student, Manuel Castilllo Negrete.
Returned to LA and had a one-man show at the Stendhal gallery. Everywhere she went her work was accepted, even in the best gallery in Paris. But she made a great mistake and canceled that show, ruining her professional career as a sculptor.
Met Carlos Riveroll and they began dating
Discovered that she was pregnant
Went to Manhattan to hide her pregnancy from her family and to study art history with Leo Katz

Gave birth to me two months early, Jan. 16, 1937

Met Tony Staude and married him.

Moved to Hollywood and adopted me and brought me home.

Her father died in 1943. Mother two years later.

She built a studio at home and continued to produce pieces

Bought Doodlebug Ranch in Sedona Arizona

Family’s first trip to Europe together. She gathers ideas to build a modern chapel. 1951

She contacted Anshen and Allen to design a modern chapel according to her specifications

Building the chapel

Chapel completed and first mass celebrated

Move to Big Sur after Tony’s retirement.

40 year retrospective show at the Janus Gallery in Los Angeles.

Death in May 1987.

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